After years of going to see Sophia at a local San Francisco salon and discussing her dream of launching her own business one day, the phone rang and Sophia said, "We finally found the space, it's about 2,000 sq. ft., when are you available?"  

A stylish and elegant interior is what we needed to develop for this Beauty Lounge. A reflection of the clientele, owner, and emerging brand. It had to be modern and exude luxury, to stand out amongst the crowd of salons and support the natural and fresh products and services which are provided there.  

Sophia also wanted to use red, the color of strength and prosperity, from her native country, unlike most Spa's and Lounges which opt for soft child like colors. Since the natural light was extremely bright and over heating in the space could be an issue, we chose a warm brown to dampen the light reflection and add an earth element from Benjamin Moore.

 Bleached oak floors subtly enhance a feeling of floating when you enter the contemporary, two story high ceiling space, which subconsciously sends the client into a state of relaxation.  

Mid-century inspired modern furniture was used to support the clean lines of the architecture with a small feminine twist of a danish floral and fauna print, which also brought in our complimentary color palate. The pedicure chairs and stools were found at Ikea. A brown and white chevron was added for it's modern and dynamic feeling. Wispy window coverings in the primary treatment room was added soften the interior.