In 2013 ARJ Design was approached by Martinkovic Milford AIA to help design the new offices of the thriving Golden Gate OBGYN + Skin Center medical practice. The best designs come out of such collaborations and end up with award winning results.  

The 7,500 sq. ft. renovation and re-design of a historic brick and mortar building, which processed the import and sale of wheat in the early 20th century, ensued. The clients desire was to create something a bit more luxurious than your average medical practice. Something more like a modern and elegant boutique hotel that would support an established brand and incorporate the new skin centers spa services. 

The original safe would be retained, and was used as our design starting point. Colors like orange, sky blue, browns, and creams warmed up the brick and plaster interior. Custom millwork added to the bevy of innovative materials like 3Form , and eco friendly plaster and paint treatments.

An original chandelier from RollandHill by Jason Miller was used in the entry way above the check-in desk to greet the clients.