This Eichler Developed Walnut Creek home needed a renovation to compliment its home owners lifestyle and the history of the home.  

We started by addressing the exterior of the property line and moved inward to the core of the home.  In the front of the home, the drive way and fencing was removed and refreshed concrete poured along with granite rock and smaller shrub landscaping. The back and side yards were cleared of added on non compliant structures and landscaping which cluttered the homes plot and were not originally intended to be built by the architect. The exterior, which was originally a warm cream and forest green, had faded and was peeling away. The pallet of Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Dove Grey where selected to incorporated the Northern California Sky. Fresh French oak floors were laid and all surfaces and fixtures replaced and updated. Heath Ceramic Tile was used in both of the bathrooms of the home to keep compliant with Eichler approved remodeling materials.

The over arching design approach was to keep it playful, simple, and "Eichler Classic." Joseph Eichler's desire was to offer modern architecture to the general public. He hired some of the most mid-century iconic residential and commercial Architects: Robert Anshen, A. Quincy Jones, and Raphael Soriano. 

It was our job to preserve the original esthetic as well as honor proportion, material selection, and intention.