A discerning international client needed help creating a home in one of San Francisco's well known hi-rises with a focus on a living out door space and the interior highlighting creating music and art. Like most of my clients, the home had to become a harmonious extension of the private lives my clients lead as this would be their primary residence where rest and relaxation to rejuvenation where the utmost importance.  The traditional media room with large screens and surround sound was not to be part of the design. With that in mind, the locations of where the family gathered to rest and to create art and music was determined and the home was designed accordingly. 

Flora Grubbs Gardens, a local nursery designed by Boor Bridges AIA, would be the first stop to select items from to invest in our outdoor landscaping. Fruit trees, and herbs were the primary foundation of the design as the wife cooked almost daily and would use the garden to supplement her farmers market goodies.