As clients lives change and grow, so do their homes. After completing this clients "bachelor pad" he fell in love and needed more space for his growing family. Nestled in the Ashbury Hills, just above the notorious Height Ashbury, sat this four story, former brothel which was converted into a private residence in the 1940's.  

The entire 7,500 sq. ft. home including stairwells, bathrooms, and kitchens, needed to be updated and refreshed to bring this estate into a livable 21st century gem. Additionally, full earthquake retrofitting had to take place. The traditional tudor exterior was to be honored on the interior with custom millwork, traditional plumbing and color schemes.  However, more current furnishings, wall and floor coverings were desired by the client. So a more classic soft modern was fulfilled for the interior. Royal blue hand made tiles by Heath Ceramics supported the stained glass windows of the master bathroom which were restored.

The Attic, which happens to be the most used level, was a very spooky space until we got in there with the intent to "open it up" and let the light and the life back in. Sky lights were installed as well as moving back the fireplace wall and installing a contemporary eco friendly fireplace by Spark.