Small Space Design

Decorating in small spaces

Being an interior designer in a booming city like San Francisco, means tackling a lot of smaller spaces and getting the best use and look out of them. It's essentially a study in ergonomics and balancing out the natural light, if any in a space.  

A current client needed to maximize her heavily used living room where lots of people gather and play games, eat, and drink. Most of you think, dark leather, dark floors and small coffee table so you can have as much seating as possible. I did the exact opposite for her and it turned out to be a beautiful and fresh space. 

We shopped for the majority of her products at the Los Angeles based, HD Buttercup which recently had opened up their second store in San Francisco's SOMA district.

Here are some basic rules that will help you get what you deserve and need out of your living room:

Rule number one: only two people will sit on a does not matter how long it is. Try to maximize the seating availability by adding sitting chairs and smaller sofas. I found this lovely settee for her on Overstock.


Rule number two: if natural light is available, maximize it. If there is a glare and it's, too bright, soften the walls with a color or wallcovering, so the light in the room is balanced. 

Rule number three: make sure the carpet grounds the space and goes underneath the main seating arrangement.  There might be multiple seating areas, but use your rug to set the area of space that will be the focus. A carpet or rug that is too small kills a design every time.

Rule number four: Go for lighter colors in the upholstery to help with the light feeling in the room and contact a reputable stain treatment company like Fiber Seal who warrantees all stain removal.

Rule number five: Don't be afraid of color, use it where you can, and make sure it harmonizes with all of the spaces.  Cohesiveness it the key to a good design. We punched up the neutral space with these panels and matching rug from Pottery Barn.