Salon Style Art Hanging

Salon Style Art hanging has become quite the rage in interior design.  It helps one portray lots of information and memories on one wall. The key to this art installation is setting up your composition and THEN swinging the hammer. Not the other way around.

How to do this, is by taking the size of the wall space, and measuring off another area so that one can lay down all of the objects. You can use the floor or a large table, and move them around in groupings until a balanced pattern emerges. To keep it simple you can use your largest piece as the center piece and build a pattern around that with medium sized frames and objects, working your way to the smallest pieces, which will be on the outside of the pattern you have created.

Savvy retailers like West Elm have created a Salon Style Art wall with frames one can purchase in all different sizes and then install like the image of the layout which is provided. They are calling them Gallery Frames