Commercial Interiors and Design

Designing and facilitating sophisticated interiors for any business is a valuable tool to be able to provide as an interior designer.  Seasoned commercial designers help all types of companies support and build their brand and revenue. It is as simple as that.  Commercial Interior Design is the type of design, which is implemented in but not limited to: hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, medical facilities, sports facilities, and large and small businesses. The American Society for Interior Designers defines in detail what one can expect from the engagement with a commercial interior designer or design firm at this link.

Almost twenty years ago I was hired to execute my first commercial project for a printing company. Workstations for employees, entryway, lounge, and periodical area for potential clients to preview all of the companies printing capabilities in a soft quite environment were designed and installed within a tight time line and budget. Utilizing the knowledge I had gained from design school and my families commercial real estate business helped me get through the daunting task of exceeding my clients expectations.

Since then, various large and small businesses have hired my company to help brand and build their business with the art of commercial interior design. Kuehne+Nagel, Opes Advisors, Golden Gate OBGYN, Golden Gate Skin Center, Genetic Finance, Breall & Breall, LLP, Sophia’s Beauty Lounge, Alabaster Cleaners, and Ozumo to name a few.

Every business, whether a Fortune 500 company or a mom and pop local restaurant, needs a seasoned design firm to guide them through the myriad of choices and expenses associated with creating an office or store front with a branded interior.  Not only are there codes and standards for safety purposes, but product awareness and availability also comes into play. Lots of people can design an attractive interior, but can they then bring it to life with dozens of trades, and looming deadlines with associated financial restrictions? Most cannot. Seasoned designers and architects, save money and time, which is what business is all about.

Below are some key resources to consider when hiring an interior design company for your commercial business.

What is your company’s Credo? What is the history of the company? What is the history of the founders of the company?  Most of the time, the founders of the company have a personal story that builds their brand.

How many people does your office need to support and what do they do for the business? Address functionality.

How do your customers enter into your business facility? First impressions are everything. Even if you have a small side entrance, make it reflect what your business is ‘selling’.

Do you have natural light in the space? Is there natural ventilation? How will the space be lit and temperature controlled? Understanding how to manipulate the environment on a daily basis plays into employee and customer satisfaction and functionality of each space within the business.

Acoustics. This is a big one that goes virtually ignored in the trendy restaurant scene. Do you want your clientele to be able to carry on a conversation, or just yell at one another leaning over a table?  Loud conversations are amplified in hard surfaced environments, and some business owners lean on this type of design to create a ‘lively’ atmosphere. And on the opposite end of the sound spectrum, business like financial institutions and other protracted work environments require low acoustic liveliness to accomplish a myriad of detailed and focused work. No, they really can’t afford to be bothered by their co-workers conversations.

Your designer needs to know how to accomplish all of the above and more while ushering your business into its own brand and voice.