This former British Consul General's home of 14,000 sq. ft., underwent full renovations to bring this historical estate into the 21st century, while strictly preserving the past for its new philanthropist owner. 

The mansion was designed by Louis Hobart who was the architect of San Francisco's Grace Cathedral. 

After completing the guest suite bath which was a working linen closet and bathroom that functioned for visiting British Royalty, the new owner hired us to bring to life his latest investment of an original bed from the Hearst Castle.

After three weeks of tireless research while working with an archivist from the Hearst Foundation, we re-designed the bed in the high end and traditional grandeur which it was intended.  Satin silks and hand woven tapestries and fringe from Italy adorned the original bed frame which was supported by wooden paneling from an 18th century spanish monastery and bed posts made by Julia Morgan's  swiss wood carver Jules Suppo. The talented seamstress who hand made the canopy, backdrop, and bedding was San Francisco based Susan Lind Chastain.

The next notable space was created for the owners wife in the master bath.  Since the home owner  was on the board of major west and east coast museums, we chose a Whistler painting to be our inspiration.  The specific piece selected was Symphony in Flesh Colour and Pink: Portrait of Mrs. Frances Leyland.  Custom hand painted wallpaper created by San Francisco based Lynn Rutter lines the walls. The floors were treated in a tea staining and veining process, which artificially aged them.  The former honed limestone flooring was a disappointment to the client due to how it attracted dirt. Gold gilding on the walls and tiles covered other problematic design issues left by the former designer, all of which highlighted this luxurious and elegant retreat.

Photos by David Duncan Livingston