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Tips from Interior Designer Ashley Roi Jenkins

ashley roi jenkins interior design tips!

Spring cleaning? So last season. It’s time for a fall home refresher.

SF interior designer Ashley Roi Jenkins follows her mother’s motto: “Any fool can make a home look nice with top-of-the-line everything. True talent lies within the designer who has to make something look great with little to no money.” Here are Jenkins’s top tips for every budget.

You can’t afford the “e” in “broke.”
“Repurpose, swap, and reuse. Have a garage sale with friends, then swap what’s left. Take something that you never wear, like a bridesmaid dress, and make it into covers for throw pillows.

“Don’t underestimate the power of cleaning, decluttering, and lighting (use Reveal bulbs in different wattages). Fresh flowers or a plant can do wonders: I have a rosemary bush by my doorway. It looks like foliage, and I use it when I roast chicken.”

You actually have a savings account.
“Repainting is relatively inexpensive and makes a huge impact. Have a painting party, where you supply friends with pizza and wine in exchange for their labor (as a warning, typically only one room gets done).

“Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. So if your bedding or pillows are janky, replace them. The Alameda Flea Market is a great resource for vintage accents, like pottery, poster art, and doorknob pulls.”

Your friends call you Mommy Warbucks.
“Working with a designer is worth its weight in gold: You’ll save money in the long run, because she will edit, buy wholesale, and make decisions based on your budget and lifestyle (or the lifestyle you want).

“If you’re looking for high-end pieces in a certain style, nearly everything has a less expensive twin, so keep your eyes peeled and watch for sales. I love Cisco Home and Find Furniture in Hayes Valley.”

Ashley Roi Jenkins Design, 375 Potrero Avenue, suite 9 (415-756-3135 or arjdesign.com).

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